Your Business and Irish

How using Irish can bring long term benefits to your business

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Your business and irish

It can be difficult for small/medium businesses to find time to engage with their customers online: between running your actual business, managing orders, updating your stock, social media can sometimes be an afterthought. Helping businesses plug this gap is what we do best, we love to support small businesses bring their products to a wider audience though innovative and engaging content.

But why Irish?

We’re a company who champion the use of Irish sake because of it’s historical and cultural importance. We’re very proud of our ability to offer all our services billingually and we always encourage brands who want to take the use of Irish seriously, to make sure they do it right. But we’re also aware that while a lot of businesses would like to feature more Irish in their promotional content, they don’t have the resources/skills/time to produce the content, and the normal resevoirs of stock images/animations focus almost exclusively on an English speaking audience. (If you want a few more options for promotional content with Irish, check out this free download of 4k Facebook ads templates)

While using Irish in your online marketing may involve more effort, the time to do it is now. With shipping costs sky rocketing and the era of personalised marketing coming to an abrupt end retailers are going to have to become better and more versatile at forging them deep connections with their customers.

Acquisition costs (which is the cost of aquiring new customers compared to maintaining your current customers) are at their highest rates and brands need to start fostering long-term relationships with their customers. As more brands transition to online, it’s becoming harder and harder to be found by new customers. Differentiation is the future for brands, what you are not about can sometimes be more important than what you are about.

The brands that speak to everyone speak to no one. How do you differentiaite your brand?:

  • What your brand stands for (guiding principals/philosophy)
  •  How your product is made (made locally, sustainably etc)
  • Or, how you engage with your consumers (what language you speak)


Using Irish can cover all 3 aspects of differentiation above (principals, locality, communication)


The brands that speak to everyone speak to no one.

Untapped resource

A recent by tweet by @Bac_leGaeilge (a group set up to help promote the use of Irish with dublin businesses) showed the staggering amount of Irish speakers outside of the education system who reside in Dublin alone.

Nowadays, a purchase is not just done out of a desire for a particular product. A purchase carries with it the weight of approval of and represents the customers values and shared belief between them and the brand. Customers are even willing to pay more for a product if it adequately alines with their values.

Considering the World-wide Irish diaspora, using even a ‘Cúpla focal’ in your branding or online interactions with customers can have a huge impact and create a strong impression of your brand in the minds of potential customers. Strong brands draw more organic acquisition, retain more customers, and can raise prices.

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