E-Commerce Makeup store

E-Commerce Makeup store

We are proud to introduce the latest addition to our template library: MUA PRO - a Powerful, Elegant e-commerce template for small business owners to sell goods online.

We're really happy with this one - given the situation a lot of small business owners find themselves in, we wanted to provide an alternative to paid e-commerce options like Shopify that charge monthly fees on top of extracting sales commission. We wanted to create an online store that requires no monthly membership or fees - where the site owners make a single payment, send us pictures and descriptions of their products, and in return, they receive a fully functioning, ready-to-use e-commerce website!

*the technical part*

We've used the J2Store Joomla framework in conjunction with the Stripe payment gateway Plugin to ceate an template that allows the owner to keep the maximum amount of their profit. Because of Stripe's unique API payment system, expensive TLS security certificates are not required, keeping site costs at a minimum without comprimising security or user experience. 

The site costs £500, for that we will:

  • Modify the template for your business (change logo, colour schemes etc.)
  • Upload up to 100 products (you provide the pictures/product descriptions)
  • Register your domain name
  • Host your site for 1 year
  • Optimise your site for Search Engines and get your site indexed on Google
  •  Provide training to enable you to make full use of your site, change products, update details etc.
  • Help you register with the Stripe Payment Gateway - this is one of the few online payment gateways that doesn't charge a monthly membership fee without forcing customers to leave your site to complete the payment.


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18 April 2020