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Visual Design is one of the most important elements of the web design process. In order to connect with your audience, visual design should connect with people on an emotional level and one of the strongest emotional attachments people have is to Place.


Keep it local

Using iconic images related to where your audience live is a must for any business and can create a brand attachment that no amount of generic stock footage could Foyle Bridge, Derryachieve. As an added bonus, a local approach also improves your SEO: 46% of all Google searches are looking for local information. (Source: GoGulf). Local visuals associated with your brand improve local audience engagement - your brand is seen as being more authentic, relatable and legitimate. The importance of this can't be stressed as recent research has shown that local searches result in purchases 28% of the time. (Source: Joel House Search Media).


Where, when and how?

One of the key issues companies faces when trying to source local media is where to find decent content without having to spend precious time creating it or, spending too much for someone else to create it. We have built a varied repository of local images designed to suit a wide range of customer needs. When you choose Aileach Digital as your site designer, we'll include these images at no extra cost.  We can even modify, resize and alter them to use on whatever social media platform you choose.


Local Content

All visual content from this post has been photographed in or around Derry by us. When we create content for online we aim to produce original, place-based visuals that the viewer can relate to, rather than some stock image.



We want you to be confident that the rights to any image we use on your behalf in your custom site design are confered exclusively to you - this means we won't reuse or rebrand the images we have used in your site in any other project. This means that the fidelity of your brand is protected and creates a level of authenticity around your business/brand that doesn't come with other site designers.

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