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Sites for the many, not the few


Social Media is a marketing tool - nothing more, nothing less. Take advantage of it, but don't depend on it. 

Control is the main issue when using social media.

They tell you what format your marketing strategies take, how you develop your brand and increasingly, what you can and can not say.

Without a central online hub, companies and organisations increasingly fall prey to the whims of the social media gatekeepers. This can have very real consequences for your brand, as we saw in early 2019 when a Facebook rebrand resulted in the decline of visibility of content posted by professional pages, businesses and brands.

Facebook, twitter and Instagram are excellent tools in your arsenal to be taken advantage of, but their endgame is ultimately to keep users on their site, not yours.
Being a control freak when it comes to your online presence is fast becoming the most effective strategy for all types of organisation.

Tailored websites don’t have to be prohibitively expensive and shouldn’t require constant expert maintenance just to upload content. A flexible service with a commitment to customer upskilling will empower even the smallest organisations to pursue their own online presence.

At Aileach Digital, we have structured price plans, out-of-the-box templates and customisable options to suit every need. We are committed to upskilling our customers to use their sites effectively and because we are a local company, we can engage you personally in every step of your design process.
Check out our site and templates, and if you feel you want to take the next step, send us an email