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Why a web designer isn't an SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of Optimising your site in order for it to appear highly in the rankings of a typical search-engine (such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.).


Have you ever wondered how and why Google decides which sites appear first in their list when you search for an item like "custom cars" or "Victorian lunch-boxes"?

SEO can be a complicated process - even getting your website indexed on a well-known Search Engine can be difficult if you don't know what your doing - and getting a site to feature in the top 3 requires specific know-how, trial and error and a lot of work.
At this stage we should point out an enduring myth or two:

Myth #1

A lot of web design companies say they provide professional SEO services when in fact, they do the bare minimum to qualify their actions as SEO. What they are basically doing is writing a view lines of code into your site (called meta data), getting the site indexed by Google and charging a hefty sum for the pleasure.

At Aileach Digital we consider these to be the most basic SEO practices (meta data and indexing) that should be standard for any competent web-designer, and under no circumstances should be seen as an "additional" or "premium" features that cost extra.

Myth #2

- Professional and effective SEO can be achieved through site design alone. Many professional SEOs will tell you this is false. Effective SEO requires months of engagement, trial and error, building back-links, collecting data on keyword searches etc.

Yes, site design is important and Google issue guidelines regarding how your site should be laid out, but site layout alone won’t cut it.

We are a web design company, not a SEO company. We will design a beautiful, simple, functional site for you with bilingual capabilities at a fair price, and we will make the following commitments for each site we build:

  • We will work with you to ensure that all meta-data, title tags, Title Page descriptions and H1 tags are optimized with keywords for your brand, as well as creating unique URL titles for each page to optimise their placement.
  • If you choose a bilingual site, we will ensure extra steps are taken to comply with Google’s bilingual/multilingual site ‘best practice’. Read more here
  • We will create an XML Site Map
  • We will ensure your site is indexed on Google
  • We will create some backlinks for you, show you how to do it yourself and explain their importance.

Backlinks (links on other, highly ranking sites linking back to your site) are basically the juice on which web rankings run, but they are also the most labour-intensive factor in the SEO process. This is the main reason we don’t advertise ourselves as SEO experts.

As you can see above, we know the basics, but, for the same reason that your plumber is not your mechanic, your web designer shouldn’t oversee your entire SEO campaign. Experts are experts for a reason.